Book Mentioned By David Neagle At ERS & Other Trainings:

God Works Through Faith


Robert A. Russell

Thanks for stopping by to pick up your free copy of this wonderful book!

Were you at ERS?

If you are reading this, we may have have met at David Neagle's Experience the Reality of Success conference (ERS).

One of the books David speaks highly in his trainings is Robert Russell's 'God Works Through Faith'. The book is truly one of the best out there on the topic of Faith.

Hard to find on the net...

You can find this book, used, out on the internet at various book sellers once in a while. It will cost you an arm & a leg and will probably be falling apart when you get it. Robert Russel wrote 'God Works Through Faith' way back in the 1950s and, unfortunately, the original publisher did not use the highest quality materials and time is taking its toll on the few remaining copies out there.

My copy was out on the internet, used. It cost a fortune and is in very fragile condition. I hesitate to read it for fear pages will fall out

PDF vs MP3?

What is your preference, audio or ebook? The book lends itself nicely to audio, but, of course, you can't take notes on a recording the way you can on paper.

Soon both formats will be availble. The audio is being recorded as I speak (pun intended). By filling out the form below, you can start getting the ebook version today. It will come in chunks via email links to pdf files. You will need Adobe's pdf file reader, probably you already have that.

Here are the links to the PDF files:





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